I just finished reading Yeager (Chuck Yeager’s autobiography), having retrieved it out of the local library’s "buck-a-bag" book section along with a few other selections. It’s a pretty decent read, and paints an interesting picture of a man who was in the thick of many of the most exciting aviation developments from the ’40s through […]

Three Books

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately, so I figured that I would write capsule reviews or summaries of the books that I’ve read. The United States of Arugula is a look behind the evolution of “American cuisine,” the popularization and adoption of local and organic foodstuffs, and how the perception of cooking in this […]

Poincaré’s Prize

I recently finished reading the book Poincare’s Prize, by George Szpiro. The book covers the history of topology and of Henri Poincaré, the attempts to prove his famous conjecture, and the techniques that were developed along the way. Proving the conjecture was one of the seven Millennium Prize problems that were published by the Clay […]