Icahn: CEOs are like fraternity presidents

That’s the byline of an interesting 60 Minutes piece on ‘corporate raider’ Carl Icahn (who was mentioned here before in relation to an attempted takeover of Marvel Comics). Regardless of whatever else you may think of his practices, his commentary on CEO pay in this country is spot on. It’s particularly disturbing when they try […]

Cats and Dogs

By way of this Coding Horror article discussing recent CAPTCHA breaks in Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google, I stumbled across the Asirra (Animal Species Image Recognition for Restricting Access) project at Microsoft Research. It’s a CAPTCHA system that uses pictures of cats and dogs, taken from Petfinder, to filter out bots from real people. I decided […]


A resident in my apartment complex just had all of the tires off of his BMW M3 stolen overnight. The car was left up on cinderblocks — we saw him talking to the police earlier this afternoon. Not a good way to start your Saturday, although I was impressed — he seemed much calmer talking […]