The Arsenal lost 99-91 to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers last night. The box score pretty much tells the story — the Vipers shot 90% from the free throw line (on 25 attempts), grabbed 16 offensive boards, and only turned over the ball 12 times. Compare that to the 71% free throw shooting, 20% 3-point […]

Rock Band

Rock Band is awesome. I got it this morning and have been playing the drums for most of the day, driven by the desire to crack the top 1000 in the drum career mode, if only fleetingly. (I finally managed to do so a few minutes ago, peaking at #997. It’s tough, because there are […]

When Better Isn’t Necessarily Better

After writing about “luck manipulation” in tool-assisted speed runs, I got to thinking about the subject of pseudo-random number generation. This is a topic that comes up, briefly yet inevitably, on every game engine project in existence, and I think it’s a good example of a situation where implementation choices are not always as cut […]